Dead at last. Dead at last. Thank God almighty.

The most wanted terrorist in the world is now rotting away in dust. Due to an American “military action,” we got our man.

A special debt of gratitude goes out to the men and women in uniform for their tireless months and years of sacrifice — running this pestilence down and eradicating him. Predator drones finished what others started on 9/12. We didn’t wait. We couldn’t wait. Too many Americans lost their lives that fateful day. It might have taken years to bring this to pass, but it did occur. And now justice has been served. 

Didn’t we know in our heart of hearts this would happen? That it was only a matter of time before good ol’ American ingenuity and know-how would wipe this menace from the earth?

Al Qaeda operatives will spew their usual banter. That bin Laden was no longer responsible for the day-to-day operations of the terrorist organization. That business as usual will continue, and that the new center of the network will remain in Yemen, not Afghanistan or Pakistan, where it was believed the rat was holed up.

But that doesn’t matter. The psychological impact of this event is enormous. It’s huge for the country, but it holds even larger accolades and praise for our military. Nearly 47,000 Americans were either killed or wounded in both Iraq and Afghanistan essentially fighting because of this man. The threat of terrorism will remain, make no mistake. But this man represented so much. He stood for fear and death, and as a symbol for striking at the most powerful nation on earth. He was the poster child of terror. To take him out in the way it happened will send a clear message to those contemplating similar actions.

Indeed, this is a turning point in the global war on terror. It sends a new message to the world that actions have consequences. That we will make you pay if you threaten and harm these United States.

We now need to exploit the global message that his death brings. We need to reach out to the moderate Muslims in the world and call on them to work with us to end the scourge of terrorism in the Middle East. The world doesn’t need any more Osama bin Ladens. Let’s turn the page of history and embark on a new era of peace.

Rest in despair, bin Laden. Not one soul in this country will mourn your loss.

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