We don't need to see them. We know Osama bin Laden is dead. Those who say they don't believe it still won't believe it if the photos are released.
President Obama got Osama. It's a very, very big deal, and the world knows it. I would hope he would wait at least as long to release proof of Osama's death as he did to release his own birth certificate. He didn't need to show us proof he was born in the U.S., and he doesn't need to show the proof of Osama's death.
In addition to inciting violence from OBL sympathizers, the death photos, reportedly of the extremely gruesome kind, could also make bin Laden appear to be a victim, of sorts, or be perceived as gloating. Seeing the world's most evil person in a mangled, vulnerable state could bring out misguided and misdirected sympathy that al Qaeda might take advantage of.

At this time, we need to understand, acknowledge and appreciate the methods and policies utilized to achieve the goal of capturing and killing Osama bin Laden, since those methods have been opposed by President Obama and his administration. This is not the time to go soft or persist in denials of the nature of terrorists, terrorism or enhanced interrogation and intelligence-gathering methods necessary in stopping OBL and al Qaeda.
Many Americans, when exposed to some of the realities of waterboarding, wiretapping and other tools of protecting the United States, became squeamish, and as a result, opposed the measures. For that very same reason, it would be unwise and irresponsible to release the bloody death photographs of Osama bin Laden.