In the most astounding testimony to Congress that I can remember, Gen. Hartmann
refused to state that waterboarding against American POWs is illegal. The entire upper strata of American military leadership, plus vets, plus military families, plus virtually all Americans, would vehemently disagree with Gen. Hartmann.

The general's problem is that he cannot say that waterboarding against American troops is illegal without saying waterboarding by the CIA or other U.S. agencies is illegal.

It is time to end waterboarding once and for all.

Democrats and responsible Republicans should offer a simple amendment that makes it clear that waterboarding by America's enemies against American troops and American POWs is illegal. Period.

Of course, this amendment by definition would make waterboarding illegal per se, including by any agency of the U.S. government.

I am in the process of suggesting this to senior Democrats and then certain Republicans who would be sympathetic.

This should be accompanied by a major outreach to every veterans group and
military families across America, and if any torture advocates want to tell them
they support waterboarding against American troops and POW's, let them vote against this amendment. I doubt they will, and if they do, they will be removed by voters at the polls.