Inside the vacuum of a college classroom, or written in a term paper, this doctrine would look beautiful and rosy, with everyone winning in the end. However, the real world is not a classroom. It is not a term paper; people die in this world; nations are put at risk and people are exploited.

We are talking about dealing with leaders of countries who have been known to kill their own opposition. Who are willing to rape and pillage on their own streets out of rigid belief systems. Are we as Americans willing to turn our bare selves over to the wickedness that triumphs among tyrannical dictators? I don’t think so.

Unfortunately, Obama has forgotten, or never knew, that foreign policy is not charity policy. Our president is playing a vicious game of international relations in which the players don't all play by the rules. It takes an incredibly savvy man to play in a game where smoke and mirrors dominate. In the end, the weak and unarmed man loses.

The primary role of the president of the United States is to put America first and defend it against all enemies. The dismantling of our national security has no place in protecting the American people.

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