This is clearly not without risk — but if military trials were easy, we wouldn’t have had the Supreme Court decisions and the George W. Bush administration would have been trying cases left and right. The fact is that only three people have been convicted in military trials, less that one-half of 1 percent of those held. Contrast that with the 92 percent conviction rate of terrorists who have been tried in U.S. Courts.

The case against these five is clearly unbelievably strong — it is hard to get much better that confessions on al Jazeera television and even bragging to the world, taking credit for these heinous acts.

In addition, the decision to try the perpetrators of the USS Cole, which took place on foreign soil, in a military court makes sense. Obviously, the key here is to move forward, sort through the legal and logistical morass left by the Bush-Cheney administration and see to it that justice is done. This is the right call.