As Americans, the message couldn’t be louder from this blunder: We are not safe. In fact, the so-called system that worked only does so when the terrorist’s bomb doesn’t detonate. Also, this means that the system is working when a suspected terrorist can idly walk by the Department of Homeland Security with the intent of destroying innocent American lives. What imbecile created and or manages this defunct system?

As the facts surrounding the incident continue to pour in and make Janet Napolitano look ever more so incompetent — maybe more so than her CNN interview, Americans must be shuddering at the message this sends willing fundamentalist martyrs around the world. If Abdulmutallab can board a plane after his father warned the U.S. Embassy of the threat he posed, can be banned from traveling to the U.K., but can bring explosives unattested into the U.S., then any halfwit bent on destruction can do it.

Wake up America! Janet Napolitano must be stopped. Our leaders must be held accountable for the innocent lives of Americans.    
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