The most shocking thing about this isn’t that we’re being attacked — again, the terrorists plainly declared their desire to do so — but that we’re not doing more about it. A CIA counterterrorism expert told me the other day that “the agency” knows where most terrorist cells are located in the United States. But their hands are tied until the cells actually move into action. Obviously, this is not the way to go, explained the analyst. The only effective way to combat terrorism is to root it out before it even starts. That means taking advantage of the modern intelligence that we have and assassinating known members of domestic terrorist cells before — not after — they “go hot.”

Will this administration have the courage to do something so sensible? According to the analyst I spoke with, the answer so far is a resounding no.

So, to the president, I offer this modest proposal: Kill anyone — young or old— who participates in plots against this country; root them out; slit their throats; kill all family members and friends associated with such plots; take full advantage of our modern intelligence to wipe terrorists from the face of this earth before — not after — they move into action.

On Christmas, we were lucky. The only thing that prevented Abdulmutallab from blowing up a crowded plane was a faulty fuse and vigilant passengers. Next time the equipment may not be faulty, and the weapon may be a nuclear bomb. We are living in a new world. We must understand this, and act accordingly.

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