Homeland Security

Calling 911

New information suggests that America's emergency response system is under enormous stress.


The old days with the FBI

I worked closely with many FBI agents while I was a prosecutor in the Justice Department. Most were hard-working, devoted colleagues. But their boss, J. Edgar Hoover, was — as recent studies have disclosed — a very odd character.


NSA spying must be cut back

The report of the working group advising President Obama about the future of NSA eavesdropping, along with the latest decision of a federal court that finds much of the NSA spying unconstitutional, inspires one conclusion: There should be a cutback in the overall level of NSA spying.


The secrecy conundrum

Retired Army colonel and historian-scholar at Boston University Andrew Bacevich has an intriguing take on the current conversation about secrecy.

“Thanks to a couple of tech-savvy malcontents, anyone with access to the Internet now knows what only insiders were supposed to know," he wrote in a book review in The Washington Post recently.

Because the public doesn’t know what insiders know, we can’t know whether Bradley Manning or Edward Snowden are patriotic whistle-blowers or treasonous leakers. I speculate neither description accurately characterizes their behavior.