Immigration alert! The face of immigration is about to change rapidly, and not because President Obama is pushing forward bold policy to protect Americans inhabiting our nation’s back door from Mexican drug cartels. Felipe Calderon, Mexico’s president, is aggressively moving forward legalized access to drugs on the streets of Mexico.

American farmers are already inundated along the border with the cartels and illegal immigrants. They certainly don't need these unwelcome aliens coming across drug-infested, armed and dangerous as well.

Economically, if illegal immigrants think there is an opportunity to sell drugs in the U.S. then they are going to do it. So instead of easier-to-track larger shipments, Border Patrol will be inundated with hundreds of thousands of hard-to-find, individual trackers. This will uncontrollably exacerbate our War on Drugs budget.  

I don’t quite understand Mr. Calderon’s logic. He wants to legalize in order to thwart the millions cartels make annually. Doesn’t he get it? Cartel bosses are criminals! They kill their competitors! What do you think they are going to do to a mom-and-pop drug business?

The American government spends hundreds of millions of dollars annually, specifically dedicated for Mexico’s fight against drug cartels. President Obama requested roughly another $300 million for 2011. This is not the time for the Mexican president to be playing games with our money! Americans have stood by Mexico’s fight against drugs, not to be a part of the trade itself!

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