Who’s the happiest woman in the world today? Meg Whitman!

Why? Because she’s no longer the only dumbass celebrity to rail against undocumented workers and the employers who hire them — only to be exposed as having undocumented workers on her own payroll. Now Whitman has company: Lou Dobbs!

Yes, Lou Dobbs. Who made a big fat living on CNN denouncing illegal immigrants as the scum of the earth. And demanded that employers who hire them be charged with a felony.

Yes, according to The Nation magazine, that very same Lou Dobbs is a big felon himself.

A yearlong investigation by
The Nation revealed that Dobbs has employed as many as five undocumented workers on his multimillion-dollar racehorse farms in Vermont and Florida. Others without papers did landscaping and gardening work.

Dobbs insists that he never personally hired undocumented workers. They were provided by an employment agency. But that’s a lame excuse he himself constantly rejected on his TV show, insisting that the employer was ultimately responsible — and should pay the price.

Did Dobbs realize the people working for him were, in fact, here illegally? Who knows? But one of them told
The Nation that Dobbs would often visit with his workers, and speak to them — in Spanish!

Poor Lou Dobbs. There go his presidential hopes. He, like Meg Whitman, has apparently broken Illegal Immigration Rule #1: If you’re a politician, or a wannabe politician, and you run around denouncing employers who hire undocumented workers — just make sure you don’t have one, or two, or five on your own payroll.