I agree in part, and disagree in part, with Cheri Jacobus's post yesterday. I disagree with her that opponents of Sarah Palin have anything to do with race. I agree with her that the Joe McGinniss book is trash. What does this have to do with my view that Rick Perry is right about immigration?

We have reached the state in America that a politics that most Americans deplore, full of derision and insults toward political opponents, no longer allows respectful debate.

Regarding Palin, the issue has nothing to do with race, and much to do with the idea that if one does not like Palin one is supposed to hate her, and use any weapon to defeat or destroy her. Ditto the attacks on Obama, which in my view have little to do with race, and much to do with the lack of jobs, and the obsessive attacks from the right against many leading Democrats, white or black.

Who cares who Sarah Palin dated? Hell, I will confess, while I would not support Sarah Palin in a hundred years, if she were single, and I met her at a party ...

The Joe McGinniss book is a cheap shot by a guy who invaded her privacy and sought to make a fast buck by getting people who hate Palin to buy a lousy book.

Regarding Perry, my lack of support for him is no secret, but he is right about immigration, in my view. I would not be worth my salt as a serious columnist if I did not have the integrity to praise him when I think he is right. It was hard for Rick Perry to take his position on immigration, but he does, to his credit.

Regarding Ron Paul, I think it is crazy for him to oppose FEMA, and sad that he would apparently let some people who lack health insurance die based on some cruel notion of "responsiblity.”

However, I can also believe that Ron Paul was right opposing secrecy of the Fed, that he should receive fair treatment from the media, and that the integrity of his views makes our politics better.

Yesterday I wrote that many in Republican and conservative politics and media try to ignore, deride and disrespect even serious progressive columnists, leaders and activists. They try to pretend we don't exist or they misrepresent our views and attack us for views we do not hold.

Similarly, there are some in Democratic and liberal politics and media who try to ignore, deride and disrespect even serious conservative columnists, leaders and activists. They try to pretend serious conservatives don't exist or they tar them all with a broad bush and attack some conservatives for views many of them do not hold.

My suggestion: Ignore anyone in Republican media or politics who says the economy will defeat Obama but does not equally say the economy will defeat House Republicans. Ignore anyone in Democratic media or politics who does not honestly say that if the economy remains sour, the president and Democratic incumbents are in as much trouble as Republican incumbents. If there is a "throw the bums out" election, all incumbents are in big trouble.

Finally, regarding Palin, I find one of the most interesting political developments her attacks against crony capitalism. While I do not agree with many things she proposes, I couldn't have said it better myself!