As the governor of Arizona, Republican candidate for president and United States Supreme Court tell Hispanics to "show me your papers," they have given Democrats a windfall in a close election. This latest attack on Lady Liberty, who holds the torch in the harbor of New York, is bad news for Mitt Romney, who wants to make the Arizona law a national model, and bad news for House Republicans, who now have even more trouble in key states with large Hispanic populations. Marco who?

The presidential election and the battles for control of both the House and Senate will be very close. What have American women done to Republicans that they wage war against pay equity for more than half of the voters? What have Hispanics done to Republicans that if they are stopped for driving five miles per hour above the speed limit they can be asked for their papers, when you know and I know they are being singled out for discriminatory treatment? Does anyone believe that a white investment banker riding 10 miles above the speed limit in his plush limousine will be asked for his papers, too? Does equal protection ring a bell?

The immigration issue will clearly increase Democratic voting and voter turnout among Hispanic voters. The GOP war against women's pay equity will clearly alienate even many women who normally vote Republican. The two great demographic waves in American politics, Hispanics and women, are now targets of the Republican right.

The Republicans tell Hispanics to "show me your papers.” Many Hispanics and women will decide it is time to show Republicans the door.