Kamikaze right attacks Rubio over immigration

Isn't it amazing how many on the right are determined to keep losing elections for a generation, and Republicans with the best chance of winning national elections, such as Rubio and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, become objects of rightist scorn?

My guess is that immigration reform ultimately passes, because behind the scenes Republican leaders privately agree with the view I and others argue that defeating immigration reform will be a political poison pill for the GOP. Time will tell. 

There are Republicans privately talking to the Gang of Eight proposing a compromise that could significantly increase border security personnel without creating preconditions to a path to citizenship. This is a reasonable idea that might form the basis of a compromise.

Regarding Rubio, this is the test that potential presidents should face before they run for president. I wish then-Sen. Obama had engaged in a similar effort to what Rubio is attempting now. This is why I do not take seriously national aspirations of the gasbag ideologue wing of Republicans, such as Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas), who will destroy the Republican Party if they prevail within the Republican Party.

For Rubio, the greater the heat, the greater the test. And the greater the test the greater the upside and downside for Rubio's presidential ambitions. This is one of the most compelling dramas I have seen in many years in the capital.

This is high noon for Marco Rubio in national politics and high noon for Republicans. If the Kamikaze wing of the right brings down Rubio on immigration, they will bring down Republicans in 2014 and 2016. 

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