Immigration: Schumer wins, Rubio wins, Obama wins, liberals win, Boehner loses, and the right (Ted Cruz, Rand Paul) loses big

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) was a big loser. He would have been much better off if the Senate did not work its will in favor of an immigration bill. Now attention and pressure turns to Boehner and House Republicans.

The wise move for House Republicans is to reject the right and pass the Senate bill, but the likely move is they are held hostage by the right and pay the price with Hispanics in November 2014.

Rubio's performance was outstanding, and he deserves great credit, and his presidential stature will rise significantly with mainstream America. Good for him. He earned it. 

Similarly, Schumer was masterful, and his stature and influence in the Senate will rise even higher. Good for him. He earned it, too. 

If I can interrupt some of my fellow columnists who thrill Republican media with robotic attacks on President Obama, immigration has been a major victory for the president and for liberals who have been clamoring for immigration reform for years, along with independent Republicans such as Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who also deserve kudos today.

The losers are the right, the far right and the extremist right (who I have called the kamikaze right), who will continue their efforts to defeat immigration reform and destroy the Republican brand even further. Cruz has been marginalized, and Paul has been trivialized, and Boehner will now feel the heat.