The Hispanic population wave is one of the most politically powerful events in American politics today. This demographic wave is enormous and will increase the number of congressional seats in key states with Hispanic populations that will give an advantage to Democrats.

What right-wing Republicans fail to understand is that the Arizona law is insulting to one of the most patriotic and law-abiding segments of the great mosaic we call America. The very notion that any law would guarantee discriminatory enforcement against any segment of our American mosaic is not only repellent to the American idea, but a guarantee of an unprecedented political mobilization that will energize Hispanic Democratic voters and move Hispanic swing voters into the Democratic column.

The Tea Party right is already mobilized, though the media gives their numbers far more credit than they deserve. The Hispanic population is the sleeping giant of American politics and Hispanic voters will now be roused more than ever before. The impact of Hispanic voters on the elections of 2010 and 2012 will be enormous in number and enormously helpful to Democrats.

In the longer term, the high court of history will reject everything the Arizona law stands for, and in the coming elections the sleeping giant will have been awakened. The Republicans have not only further divided the nation, but have energized a huge number of voters who are the fastest-growing constituency in American politics. Republicans will long regret the day they did this.