A window into the soul of the immigration debate

I’m sure some of my readers have heard this story, but it is so compelling, I thought I would tell it again. Late last year, a 101-year-old woman by the name of Eulalia Garcia-Maturey celebrated a milestone. No, it wasn’t her birthday, though many would eagerly congratulate her on such a feat. Eulalia was marking the century-old anniversary of her crossing into the U.S. from Mexico.

In 1909, the months-old Garcia-Maturey and her mother crossed the border into Brownsville, Texas, looking for a better life. Decades later, in 1941, she received a “Certificate of Lawful Entry” card, which was then part of the World War II alien registration laws. Eulalia kept that card through the years, which helped to establish her citizenship in October 2010.


No dream

The proponents of the DREAM Act have provided a case study on how to blow up a bipartisan alliance and make certain that legislative goals are not met.

Originally a bipartisan bill, the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act would give conditional green cards to undocumented immigrants if they graduate from high school and pursue a college education or military service. After a 10-year waiting period, they could obtain permanent residency if they met all the requirements, and they could eventually apply for citizenship.


The Asian-American Republicans

This might seem like a simplistic truism, but I think it is worth noting that there are more Asians in the world than any other group of people.

The number of Asians living in Asia is rapidly approaching 4 billion. There are 1.3 billion Chinese and almost as many Indians.

But the Asians are not staying in Asia. They are emigrating in search of a better life for themselves and their families, and many of them are ending up in America.


Napolitano immigration outrage

The Nicky Diaz story has revealed more about the Obama administration’s immigration policy than the president himself. We the people no longer need to assume the administration policies that protect America from continuously being invaded by illegal immigrants. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano recently exposed the illegal immigration platform of the current administration on “The O’Reilly Factor.”

If you aren’t familiar with the Nicky Diaz story, she has become a high-profile, controversial figure in illegal immigration politics. She was the former housekeeper of Meg Whitman, Republican gubernatorial candidate, from 2000-2009. Diaz used a fake Social Security number to get the job, and when Mrs. Whitman became aware of her status she immediately fired her. 


Yet another Republican hypocrite on immigration

Who’s the happiest woman in the world today? Meg Whitman!

Why? Because she’s no longer the only dumbass celebrity to rail against undocumented workers and the employers who hire them — only to be exposed as having undocumented workers on her own payroll. Now Whitman has company: Lou Dobbs!

Yes, Lou Dobbs. Who made a big fat living on CNN denouncing illegal immigrants as the scum of the earth. And demanded that employers who hire them be charged with a felony.


Illegal immigration and drug cartels

Are the Mexican drug cartels more effective at stopping illegal immigration than our own Border Patrol? Immigrants seeking to illegally enter the U.S. from Central America are faced with a new and growing threat, cartels. The question is: What does this say about the cartels?

In August, an Ecuadorian immigrant venturing to the U.S. was detained by the Zetas — a notorious Mexican drug cartel — with a group of 72 other immigrants containing both men and women. Due to their unwillingness to work for the cartel, all were shot dead while the one escaped.


Immigration law efforts expanding

Arizona does not stand alone. With a growing number of states seriously considering or planning for measures similar to Arizona’s to combat illegal immigration, it's time Democrats take this seriously. Simply calling Republicans and anyone else who supports such measures "racist" is not going be effective, and in fact is proving quite ineffective.

The main sticking point for so many in terms of having a serious, factual discussion of the issue is the Democrats' persistent refusal to recognize the clear difference between "immigrants" and "illegal immigrants" in the obvious hope that the public will not know the difference.


President Calderon moves to legalize drugs in Mexico

Immigration alert! The face of immigration is about to change rapidly, and not because President Obama is pushing forward bold policy to protect Americans inhabiting our nation’s back door from Mexican drug cartels. Felipe Calderon, Mexico’s president, is aggressively moving forward legalized access to drugs on the streets of Mexico.

American farmers are already inundated along the border with the cartels and illegal immigrants. They certainly don't need these unwelcome aliens coming across drug-infested, armed and dangerous as well.