Yet another Republican hypocrite on immigration

Who’s the happiest woman in the world today? Meg Whitman!

Why? Because she’s no longer the only dumbass celebrity to rail against undocumented workers and the employers who hire them — only to be exposed as having undocumented workers on her own payroll. Now Whitman has company: Lou Dobbs!

Yes, Lou Dobbs. Who made a big fat living on CNN denouncing illegal immigrants as the scum of the earth. And demanded that employers who hire them be charged with a felony.


Illegal immigration and drug cartels

Are the Mexican drug cartels more effective at stopping illegal immigration than our own Border Patrol? Immigrants seeking to illegally enter the U.S. from Central America are faced with a new and growing threat, cartels. The question is: What does this say about the cartels?

In August, an Ecuadorian immigrant venturing to the U.S. was detained by the Zetas — a notorious Mexican drug cartel — with a group of 72 other immigrants containing both men and women. Due to their unwillingness to work for the cartel, all were shot dead while the one escaped.


Immigration law efforts expanding

Arizona does not stand alone. With a growing number of states seriously considering or planning for measures similar to Arizona’s to combat illegal immigration, it's time Democrats take this seriously. Simply calling Republicans and anyone else who supports such measures "racist" is not going be effective, and in fact is proving quite ineffective.

The main sticking point for so many in terms of having a serious, factual discussion of the issue is the Democrats' persistent refusal to recognize the clear difference between "immigrants" and "illegal immigrants" in the obvious hope that the public will not know the difference.


President Calderon moves to legalize drugs in Mexico

Immigration alert! The face of immigration is about to change rapidly, and not because President Obama is pushing forward bold policy to protect Americans inhabiting our nation’s back door from Mexican drug cartels. Felipe Calderon, Mexico’s president, is aggressively moving forward legalized access to drugs on the streets of Mexico.

American farmers are already inundated along the border with the cartels and illegal immigrants. They certainly don't need these unwelcome aliens coming across drug-infested, armed and dangerous as well.


Obama apologizes again

Why is the president of the United States apologizing to President Calderon of Mexico about an Arizona law that enforces federal laws curbing illegal Mexican immigrants?

President Obama should be castigating President Calderon over the conditions in Mexico that encourage these illegals to cross the border. The Mexican government should be working with the American government to prevent illegal immigration and enforce immigration laws. This might have the spin-off benefit of contributing to the defeat of the drug lords that informally rule much of Mexico and sell illegal drugs in the U.S.


Miss Oklahoma’s simple declarative sentence

There are three issues in the Arizona situation. In order of importance they are: a state’s right to act without permission from the federal government, chronic federal incompetence and mismanagement and the third: Is the controversial Arizona plan a good and workable solution for controlling the border? I was struck by the clarity of Morgan Elizabeth Woolard’s — Miss Oklahoma’s — “simple declarative sentence” — Hemingway’s model for emphatic prose — and her grace under pressure (more Hemingway) in answering the question on these issues by Oscar Nunez. “I’m a huge believer in states’ rights,” she said.


‘Bring it on!’

OK, incumbents, all you defenders of the status quo: As the angry political earthquake shakes your terra unfirma, you can quake behind the gates of your communities or you can step out and boldly go where some have only dared to, with the challenge to BRING IT ON!!!

*Forget the lack of Protestants on the Supreme Court. Isn't in time the president nominated someone who is an active atheist? BRING IT ON!!

*And speaking of presidential choices, shouldn't he select as Defense secretary an openly gay person ... a lesbian at that? BRING IT ON!!!


Who is Tim Bridgewater? Bad news for Romney.

Say what you like about Mexicans in Arizona, legal or not, but they are hard working there and everyplace else they go. And if they didn’t go there the work wouldn’t get done. In 1994 I wrote a long article about the migrant workers in the tobacco fields of Yadkin County, North Carolina, where a few dozen Mexicans were cutting tobacco. I asked their Catholic padre how many of them were illegal. “All of them,” he said. I brought it up to the governor and the wealthiest Democrat in the state — both of whom had cut tobacco when they were kids — and they were shocked. Shocked! But not the farmers. They’d been exclusively using Mexican labor for almost 20 years.


Time to get a job, Al Sharpton

Here we go again. Someone somewhere is playing the victim card, and the Rev. Al Sharpton is there to somehow pretend he’s a victim too. The latest country-trotting for Sharpton involves a trip to sunny Arizona to feign utter outrage over the state’s enactment of tough new immigration laws.

I’m not here to argue the merits of the state law. Even the Arizona Legislature just last week had to tweak the measure to ensure it was doing what lawmakers intended without violating constitutional rights. But Al Sharpton? Again? Didn’t I see him at the local Dairy Queen last week? And just before that, on HBO with Bill Maher?