It is a Berlin Wall moment in Egypt. We are all Egyptian today.

This was one of the great grassroots, peaceful, mass-movement democracy revolutions of our generation and any generation. It is a profound day for Egyptian patriotism and a spectacular day for believers in democracy, whoever they are and wherever they live.

There is no credit to be shared by anyone except the people of Egypt. This is their movement, their country and their day. They did something against great odds that few believed they could ever accomplish.

Let’s be clear. All that has happened so far is a nonviolent military coup with promises of democracy. The state of emergency must be lifted. Free press must be restored. Free elections must be held. The democratic opposition must now share the seats at the table of power and governance.

But the people-power of this nonviolent movement of good will and democracy will not be denied. The Egyptian military will almost certainly play a historic role alongside the people-power that celebrates in the streets a new birth of freedom in Egypt.

It is a great day for Egyptian patriots.

It is a great day for the young who will inherit their nation.

It is a Berlin Wall moment.

Around the world good people are saying: Today we are all Egyptian.