The Wall Street Journal has a story today about pressure on the U.K. government to strip Prince Andrew, 51, of his role as the country’s special trade envoy, in part because of his “ties to a convicted sex offender.”

That would be American Jeffrey Epstein, 58, who served some 13 months in prison before being released last summer. Andrew’s ex-wife Sarah also figures in the story for accepting a loan of $24,500 from Epstein to pay off a debt. In an AP report the headline is more graphic: “Duchess of York got loan from wealthy U.S. pedophile."

Neither news report mentions that the duke and duchess of York are not the only notables with a relationship with Epstein. In my book Clinton in Exile: A President Out of the White House, I reported on the friendship between Epstein and former President Clinton.

The son of a Parks Department worker who grew up in Coney Island, Epstein was teaching calculus and physics at the Dalton School in Manhattan when, with the help of a Dalton parent, he entered the money management business and became a billionaire. He owned multiple lavish houses in New York, Santa Fe and Palm Beach as well as a private island off St. Thomas and a fleet of private jets. In 2002, out of the White House and trying to establish his charitable endeavors, Clinton traveled with Epstein to Africa on the billionaire’s 727. Four years later, Epstein first got in trouble while at his Palm Beach villa for alleged sexual activities with teenage girls, some as young as 14.

So the son and former daughter-in-law of Queen Elizabeth aren’t alone in being beguiled by Epstein. For tabloid-y details about Epstein’s friends in the upper echelons of American business and politics, see yesterday’s MailOnline.