I have written often about the extraordinary and wonderful role of women in Egypt, throughout the Arab Spring, and worldwide, in what I have called the "female century.”

The barbaric beatings of Egyptian women in recent hours is an outrage that must be condemned throughout the civilized world, must be aggressively prosecuted by Egyptian authorities and must be honestly shown on Egyptian state television as it has been shown on satellite broadcasts.

Words cannot describe the outrage and disgrace of these beatings and the need for those who inflicted them to be punished under the law. Mere apologies are not enough. There should be investigations, prosecution and prison for the guilty to uphold the rule of law and standard of decency by the government of Egypt.

In the United States, there should be full and public hearings by congressional committees charged with providing military aid to Egypt.

It is particularly important for Egyptian state television to fully report on these incidents of cruelty. These barbaric acts must not be covered up or protected by anyone associated with the government of Egypt or the media under the government's watch.

We should stand with the million women who marched in Egypt, and with men and women everywhere who stand for the highest ideals of democracy and decency, and against cruelty and barbarism from every source.