Mitt Romney's latest opining about wealth, as he concludes his gaffe-laden visit to Europe, betrays a lack of understanding about American tradition and world affairs. I would note that Romney has not only opined about Israeli culture versus Palestinian culture. He has made the same argument about American culture versus Mexican culture (this will not be a big hit in Latin America or with Hispanic voters). Romney has made the same argument about the culture of Chile versus the culture of Ecuador. Who will Romney insult next?

Mitt Romney acts as though he is a member of the House of Lords, or a royal family, with some inherent superiority of one group or class versus another. In this world Romney appears to envision himself in the privileged class along with whomever he’s pandering to at the given moment he offers his opinions.

Of course, if someone is born of a brilliant, wealthy and successful father, that presumably grants entry into the superior class, but Romney does not make that point, though he acts as though he believes it.

What Romney is arguing violates the most basic notions of Americanism, free enterprise, personal responsibility and respect. There are smart people and dumb people, hardworking people and slothful people, in all cultures and all nations. To suggest some inherent superiority of whole classes of people based on what Romney calls "culture" is absurd and unworthy of anyone seeking the presidency.

Warren Buffett and Steve Jobs, both great men and great capitalists, emerged from the same nation and the same culture as financial crooks and the killer in Colorado.

The people of Britain have moved on, beyond Romney's insults and multiple gaffes. Diplomats throughout the Middle East will work to clean up the mess Romney has left. And let’s be clear: Any hope for peace, security and a better life for people throughout the Middle East must be based on mutual respect, not the insults that Romney was, again, peddling for politics.

Make no mistake:

We Americans do not believe in superior cultures or superior groups versus inferior cultures and inferior groups. When he says these things, Mitt Romney does not speak for America, represent America or understand America. He does no service to the security of America or the values of America.

The world was not made better when Mitt Romney was gallivanting abroad opining about matters he knows nothing about, and leaving a trail of insults and ill will.