The media are partially to blame for allowing the Obama administration to get away with a narrative that was so clearly ridiculous. The Muhammad movie on YouTube was clearly a pretext for violence. Evidence was apparently known to elements within the administration within the first couple of days that indicated it was a terrorist attack, but the Obama administration purposefully denied that and blamed the violence on the Muhammad movie.

The instinctual inclination to apologize for the movie and offending Muslims and to focus public statements on the movie are indicative of the administration’s tendency to apologize for America.

This is not the first time that coordinated, well-planned violent attacks by Arab extremists have been blamed on “spontaneous” reactions to so-called provocations that are pretexted. In 2000 the Palestinians launched a five-year war of suicide bombings and other terrorist assaults against Israel; at the onset of the violence the war was presented as a natural and spontaneous reaction to Israeli Likud leader Ariel Sharon visiting the Temple Mount. In fact, the violence was planned ahead of time and the visit by Sharon produced little more than rock-throwing on the Temple Mount; in the Libya attacks there were no violent street protests leading up to the attacks that killed our ambassador — the streets were empty.

Why did Susan Rice and other administration officials refuse to admit that a terrorist attack had taken place? It is clear now that Rice is the scapegoat and our president has thrown her under the bus, in oncoming traffic.

Without a doubt politics is the reason; Obama wants to be perceived as having been tough on terrorism as evidenced by the killing of Osama bin Laden; however, a preplanned attack in Syria by elements who might be connected to al Qaeda didn’t fit that narrative.