The Civil War was initiated on an extra-constitutional basis. It was a moral initiative against slavery, and nothing in the Constitution allowed for the Northern invasion. This decision went to the spiritual core of our being. It was right and just. But what if today's euphemistic “international norms” are just outright bloody mayhem and political posturing and territoriality on a global scale? Who decides? Can we legislate against this posturing? Is it not illegal in America to propose illegal warfare beyond our borders? (May I propose a “supercommittee" of governors, as suggested by George Kennan, who also proposed an American council of elders to be an internal rather than an external watchdog on Washington and happened to advise us here in Vermont and New Hampshire at said beginning?)

Follow this conversation when NPR host Steve Inskeep pressed U.N. Ambassador Samantha PowerSamantha PowerBharara, Yates top Twitter list of most followed new political accounts US to vote against UN resolution condemning Cuba embargo Former AG Lynch to meet with House, Senate Russia investigators MORE after she was asked “Would an American strike be legal?” in Syria. She replied it would be a “legitimate, necessary and proportionate response” by the “international community.” The NPR host replied, "So let me make sure that I'm clear on this: You're saying that something needs to be done, and it is time to go outside the legal system, outside the legal framework. You believe it is right to do something that is just simply not legal."

Power once famously proposed that we, the United States, invade and occupy Israel although it might offend a certain “domestic constituency.” (Wink, nudge. She means Jews.) It was considered a joke to Israelis for years because no one expected she would be, as her interviewer suggested, in the position to advise the president and determine the focus of America’s might. No legal basis. Just the “international norm” of global anti-Semitism, a virus today of contemporary global pop culture.

Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaPatagonia files suit against Trump cuts to Utah monuments Former Dem Tenn. gov to launch Senate bid: report Eighth Franken accuser comes forward as Dems call for resignation MORE has threatened gratuitous, unilateral, offensive military action against Syria, which would compound the already grisly Syrian war casualties. His juvenile justification is national prestige,” former Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Fein wrote in The Huffington Post last week.

Indeed, if it is not legal action, it is a war crime.