765937975_trVwk-S Hey, really cool stuff is happening across the US, where technology people worked together to people useful tech for the people of Haiti.

Check out the story on serve.gov.

UPDATE: CNN now has the story.

Over two hundred volunteers are getting together to build useful systems to help out, working with the Sunlight Foundation and CrisisCamp.

“In the hours after the earthquake in Haiti, two primary observations within the tech community became clear," said Katie Stanton from the Department of State. "First, there are many well-intentioned projects in development by people all over the world - this information and these applications need to be consolidated so we can share it with those on the ground. The second is there is no central location for a need and have list  — essentially a Craigslist for Haiti.”

This is a work in progress, a really good example of people working together, over the 'Net, to help others out.

Disclaimer: I'm on the board of Sunlight.