On cue, Republicans press energy scare button

This just in from the gop.gov website: Democrats want a new national energy policy!

Well, that isn’t exactly what they said. They said the Democrats and labor unions want a new national energy tax. They also made some baseless claims that the labor unions plan “to change Senate rules” to get what they want in a post-election congressional session.

The post comes in reaction to today’s launch of The BlueGreen Alliance’s “The Job’s Not Done Tour” — a national bus tour in support of a comprehensive energy policy that will foster American innovation and create and save millions of jobs across the country. The three-week, 17-state, 30-city tour launched in Los Angeles today and will wrap up in Richmond on Sept. 3.

Imagine that. America’s working people supporting more American jobs. And the nerve of it all, with unemployment at nearly 10 percent.

While the BlueGreen Alliance is pushing a message of hope for the future, on cue, the Republican leadership plays the scare card. As BGA calls for investment and innovation in American companies, American technology and American jobs, the Republicans issue groundless doomsday warnings of “2 million jobs lost” and “90 percent increases in energy rates” while the rest of the world, China especially, outpaces the United States in the clean-energy economy.

Today’s screed of scare tactics from GOP.gov didn’t include a single proposed solution or an idea about what to do about our energy security. Doesn’t America deserve better?

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