Hope America Fails Republicans cannot handle good job news that helps Obama

Let me answer some of my Republican brother pundits in the media who are having great trouble handling the great job news announced in the monthly report today.

These Republicans appear to disagree with Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), who said the good job numbers justify (in Boehner's view) cutting jobless benefits.

My question is, for Republicans who believe the improvement was not good news, wouldn't they agree with me that jobless benefits should and must be extended? I believe the benefits should be extended regardless of short-term moves in the market because they help the long-term unemployed.

But for those who believe today's news was not good, they should be even more fervent supporters of extending jobless benefits, unless they believe things are bad and still want to inflict more pain on the long-term jobless.

I am not claiming that the good job news of today will last. I will need two or three more monthly reports to be convinced. But it is sad to watch certain Republicans upset by good news about America.

Good news about America helps the president, so these Republicans yearn for bad news about America. This is why I've called them the "Hope America Fails" Republicans. In fact, today's numbers are good for Obama and good for most incumbents.

Public opinion becomes more favorable when the economy becomes stronger. If today's good numbers continue in coming months, it will be big news for the president. Watch the evening news Friday night and over the weekend.

The employment news will be a plus for the president. There is more to life than the ObamaCare website and Benghazi. If good job news continues for several months, it will be very good political news for the president. If it recedes, the political benefit will recede as well.

My advice to Republicans, either way, is stop looking so angry and sad when good things happen to America. Rooting against America is very bad politics. When good things happen to America, Republicans should at least pretend to be happy, even if it helps the president they hate, because rooting against America helps the Democrats even more. 

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