Before the rooster crows a hundred more times, with liberal Democrats and Tea Party Republicans sharing outrage about various spending bills, Nancy Pelosi might be called upon to deliver enough Democratic votes to avoid a fiscal disaster.

If the pending "spending compromise" were decided by secret voting in the House of Representatives, it would probably be defeated.

Do not understimate the liberal outrage toward the direction of the Obama administration.

Do not underestimate the ideological rigidity of many Republican members of the House who could be very willing to precipitate a crisis and potentially a crash by voting against major bills, including the debt-ceiling extension.

Will this happen between now and June? Will a liberal Democratic combine with a Tea Party revolt on the House floor and possibly defeat an essential budget or spending bill?

Will Nancy Pelosi receive that emergency call, asking her to deliver enough unhappy liberal members to vote for a bill they hate to avoid a catastrophe? If so, will she agree? If so, can she deliver? I have no idea, and anyone who claims to know is full of baloney.

We have entered uncharted waters.

Batten down the hatches.