I gotta give Mitch McConnell credit for a very good piece of work. His strategy, for those who have not figured it out yet, is to make President Obama the debt-ceiling dictator. Give Obama all the power. Surrender to him totally. Make Democrats cast all the votes. Let Republicans vote no. Repeat this every few months. Let Democrats take responsibility for everything!

For pure political artistry, I tip my hat. It is a brilliant partisan ploy. Last night a major Democrat called me and said: We won! I said, no, pal, it is a death trap. Oops.

McConnell's ploy is enticing. For Obama, the vanity play of a great victory must be tempting. For Democrats looking for what looks like an easy way to avoid a crisis, this must have appeal. Good thing the Tea Party members of the House aren't as smart as McConnell. They would rather walk into their own trap. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!