Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) just hopped on television to claim that Republicans have been in charge of Washington for 210 days and still haven't created jobs.  In case there are one or two Americans who still don't understand why Democrats lost last November and gave Pelosi a well-deserved boot out of her post, she provided a fine reminder today, shining a bright spotlight on her massive failures and penchant for misrepresenting reality.
Democrats held the House (with Pelosi in charge), Senate and White House for two years and did nothing to create jobs. Republicans now hold only the House and Pelosi is blaming them for not creating jobs. Wow — the chutzpah is amazing. The bitterness palatable.
Republicans, with the prodding of the Tea Party movement, were able to pull President Obama away from his demand for a clean debt-ceiling bill so that he could have a blank check with our money. (Apparently that is Vice President Biden's definition of a terrorist.) And while Obama, Pelosi, Reid and their Democrats in Congress wasted nearly $1 trillion on the failed stimulus bill they promised would create 4.5 million jobs and which ended up creating NO jobs, not one Republican voted for it, yet John BoehnerJohn Andrew BoehnerHillicon Valley: Trump hits China with massive tech tariffs | Facebook meets with GOP leaders over bias allegations | Judge sends Manafort to jail ahead of trial | AT&T completes Time Warner purchase Facebook execs to meet with GOP leaders over concerns about anti-conservative bias Boehner: Federal government should not interfere in recreational marijuana decisions MORE has spent the better part of his term as Speaker trying to find a way to clean up Obama's mess. That stimulus money would have come in mighty handy these past few weeks. Worse, unemployed Americans did not get to become employed taxpaying citizens helping to fill the federal treasury's coffers. Double whammy. Double fail.
Pelosi’s tacky taking to the podium and blaming Republicans for the lack of job creation is indicative of why she is no longer Speaker. She was a failure. Obama is a failure. And now it will fall to Republicans to clean up their mess. But then, that's why voters sent Republicans to Washington — to clean up after Obama, Pelosi and Reid.