Michele BachmannMichele BachmannWill Trump back women’s museum? Michele Bachmann on Trump victory: ‘God did this’ The right-wing wants a revolution, and we had better pay attention MORE recently said that God is sending a message through the hurricane. But isn’t it more likely that with hurricanes, earthquakes and scorching heat God is telling Rick Perry that global warming is real and telling Ron Paul that FEMA should not be abolished?

Poor Perry. Perry is in fast retreat from what he wrote in his campaign book. On global warming, though, ever since Perry did his prayer event, temperatures in Texas have been scorching. Was God telling Perry something? As for Ron Paul, I like the guy, but sometimes he comes up with the looniest ideas. Attacking FEMA? Does Paul believe Ayn Rand will emerge from the grave to save hurricane victims if FEMA is gone?

Perhaps God is keeping temperatures so high in Texas because Rick Perry believes Social Security is un-American. Has Perry retreated from that one yet? Or perhaps God simply believes Perry should respect the more than 90-95 percent of scientists who believe climate change is real?

Actually, unlike Bachmann, I think Al GoreAl GoreSharpton pressures Dems on Trump nominees Trump allies warn: No compromise on immigration Stein: Al Gore needs to 'step up' on climate change MORE is right because of science, and I rest my case with science and reason on climate change. As for Ron Paul, let’s just say his attack on FEMA is a nutty idea. As for Rick Perry, what can I say about a guy who denies science on global warming, is undecided about evolution and wrote Social Security is un-American?

Perhaps Bachmann will say that God is against pay-for-play by a Texas governor who gobbles up Obama stimulus money. What would Ayn Rand say about that?