Time for an independent audit of the amount of taxpayer money being wasted by House Republicans in their power-abusing attacks against the attorney general of the United States. How many Republican lawyers, investigators and public-relations staff are being subsidized by hard-pressed American taxpayers in these Nixonian abuses of power? What is the cost to the Treasury?

The attorney general should be applauded for his efforts to make certain that the Voting Rights Act and other laws are being upheld against another Republican abuse of power, the attempt to attack the right to vote.

This war against the voting rights of Hispanics, blacks, seniors and others should end today. The law of the land should be upheld. The Nixonian abuses of power against the attorney general will backfire.  It is time to audit the budgets of Republican House committees that commit these abuses of power. It is time to cut their budgets and end this waste of taxpayer money that should not be used to pay GOP politicians and public-relations flacks to violate their public trust for partisan politics, at taxpayer expense.