It is good that our nation is engaging in a necessary discussion on the importance of curbing gun violence. It is critical to realize that there is no single solution and all sides will need to give. If we can't reach an agreement on an issue as fundamental as this, we may have reached a point in our nation where we will never agree on anything. That would indeed be tragic.

This debate provides a wonderful opportunity to understand the art of compromise. We must first realize what is important to both sides. The gun lobbyists are concerned about the Second Amendment and fear an overreaching and more powerful government that could more easily become a dictatorship if the populace is disarmed. The other side is most concerned about unbalanced or angry people having possession of dangerous weapons.

Is there a solution in satisfying all legitimate concerns? Legislation that is crafted must decrease the number of dangerous weapons, while protecting the right to own and bear arms for ordinary citizens. As long as those involved in crafting the legislation understand that it must address both issues, we will have an opportunity for a meaningful solution. This is a model that we should adopt with all the pressing issues that we face today.