Democrats are thinking: Isn't it wonderful that a Democrat makes a major battle on behalf of high principle and the donations pour in, as they are for Sen. Davis! This is why I don't completely agree with the new Texas Monthly story by Robert Draper. He describes how hard it will be for Texas Democrats to simultaneously compete for governor and the Texas Legislature.

Of course it will be hard. Pundits and experts are brilliant at predicting what happened yesterday, but not so good at analyzing what may happen tomorrow. Wendy has already received about a million bucks in recent days, and the grassroots donors have barely begun to fight, and the big dude donors are watching.

My hope and guess is that Clinton does run for president, and if she does she will make a run to carry Texas in 2016, which is why I thoroughly disagree with those in the expert class who say Texas cannot go blue for a least eight years, which could be around the time President Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonSunday Shows preview: Lawmakers, Trump allies discuss Russia probe, migrant family separation Giuliani: FBI, prosecutors investigating Trump belong in the psych ward Des Moines Register front page warns Iowa could lose up to 4M from Chinese tariffs MORE is planning her reelection campaign.

The reason Warren has begun to move in national presidential polls in the event Clinton does not run, and the reason Warren won a dramatic upset over a very popular former Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.), and the reason the new political star in Texas is Davis, and the reason money has begun to pour in for whatever campaign Davis decides to contest is this: Democrats have desperately wanted leaders who will fight for matters of principle, who will take courageous stands, who will not be the prisoners of prognosticators and pollsters.

Texans and Americans desperately want leaders who rise above the cowardice and mediocrity of politics today, and who will reject the crony capitalism that has become a political way of life, and who will fight instead on behalf of the men and women who are the backbone of the nation and who are not invited to the closed gatherings where insider wisdom is dispensed and insider cash is exchanged and dirty deals buy bad government.

While Rick Perry attacks education and teachers and even the University of Texas, Davis fights for schools and teachers and students.

While Republicans in Washington fight against students and try to jack up the interest rates on student loans, Warren fights on behalf of the young people and their parents.

Davis and Warren have appeal far beyond Democrats and liberals because they fight, with courage and principle, on behalf of a lot of people. If President Obama learns this lesson, he can revive a tired second term.

If Clinton carries this banner, she will win in an FDR-magnitude landslide in 2016. This is why Perry and Mitt Romney (remember him?) represent the past, while Davis and Warren are the voices of the future, which makes them the second- and third-most important Democrats in the nation.