Ted Cruz should resign from the Senate and run for president

You don't agree? Let me suggest a respected Texas or national media organization take a confidential "whip count" and ask House Republicans and Senate Republicans these questions: On a scale of 0 to 10, 0 meaning a senator is totally ineffective and 10 meaning a senator is highly effective, how would you rate Ted CruzTed CruzEven in defeat, Trump could harm the country irreparably Sanders steps up his attacks in homestretch 5 takeaways from the rush for campaign cash MORE? And: If Sen. Cruz asks you to support a legislative action, are you more likely, or less likely, to support this action because it is Sen. Cruz proposing it?

There are those legislators who are called work horses, who get things done to help their constituents and our country; and there are those who are called show horses, who get nothing done but waste taxpayer money to showboat for their own personal ego, vanity or ambition.

Cruz is the ultimate show horse — and a whip count, even one limited only to Republicans in the House and Senate — will demonstrate how ineffective and disrespected Cruz has become even among Republicans. It is the job of senators to represent their states. Cruz cannot effectively represent Texas. 

Cruz should respect taxpayers and our free enterprise system. He should leave the Senate and stop asking taxpayers to subsidize his antics, and he should run for president and seek private donations to let Republicans decide if they want him to be their nominee in 2016. My guess is that Cruz will not run for reelection to the Senate, run for president and lose.

"The Ted Cruz show" will ultimately land where it belongs. Perhaps he will someday land some prime real estate on "Crossfire" to bring pleasure to the 12 people left who enjoy blather stated by show horses, written by spinmeisters, promoted by vanity players, signifying nothing to voters who hunger for leaders.

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