Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) must no longer be allowed to waste taxpayer money using a congressional committee for partisan public relations. Regarding ObamaCare, you bet there have been snags. Shame on White House staff who did not listen to warnings and better prepare the system. 

But — and this is the most important but in American healthcare policy — the reason for the snags is that Americans want to explore and in many cases sign up in the healthcare exchanges. In this most important sense, ObamaCare so far appears to be a success. Consumers are interested. Very interested. 

The public has seen the results of the Banana Republican policies and politics. The public has seen the damage of these GOP policies and practices to them. The public is saying no to Cruz, no to Lee, no to the Tea Party and no to House Republicans. Their 15 minutes of fame are over.

The smart move for the Speaker would be to say goodbye, farewell, to those who practice the politics of obstruction and destruction. The Speaker should allow clean votes to fund the government and prevent a default. These measures will both pass — and the Speaker knows it, and the media knows it, and Repubilcans know it. 

It is time to take back America from the radical right, which has done enough damage for a lifetime. Let's make it official: Their 15 minutes of fame are over.