Trick or treat!

For House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), it’s a dirty trick. The latest California poll shows her, for the first time, with a negative approval rating: 40 percent disapproval to 30 percent approval, with 25 percent no opinion. Congress, overall, fares worse: Only 22 percent of California voters approve of the job Congress is doing; 64 percent disapprove.

Which only proves one thing: The Republican obstructionist strategy is working.

Once Democrats regained control of Congress in January — by the slimmest of margins in both houses — Republicans united behind their own plan. Instead of working with Democrats to pass any legislation or solve any problems, they would refuse to cooperate — and block everything.

Even if the House passed legislation, they’d simply block everything in the Senate. How? By demanding a filibuster on every vote — the same filibuster Republicans attacked and tried to eliminate last year as an unfair tactic for the minority party to use.

The result? Congress gets nothing done. Democrats get blamed for it. And Republicans run in 2008 against a “do-nothing Congress,” which they themselves are responsible for.

Diabolical? Of course. But who knows? It just might work — if enough voters are dumb enough to fall for it.