Sens. Jim Webb (Va.), Jack ReedJohn (Jack) Francis ReedOvernight Defense: Pompeo lays out new Iran terms | Pentagon hints at more aggressive posture against Iran | House, Senate move on defense bill Defense bill moves forward with lawmakers thinking about McCain Overnight Defense: Trump aide's comment mocking McCain sparks outrage | Haspel gets another 'no' vote | Pompeo floats North Korea aid for denuclearization MORE (R.I.), Daniel Inouye (Hawaii) and every other Democrat who has served in uniform should go the Senate floor together and call for a vote on a resolution similar to the following:
Be it resolved that the United States Senate deplores actions take by President Bush that have led to preventable casualties for those killed or wounded in action as a result of the continuing failure to provide body armor and fully protected vehicles;

The Senate deplores the president's lack of support for key areas of military medicine and care, which has resulted in unacceptable shortcomings in treatment for many wounded troops and veterans;

The Senate deplores the president's failure to devote sufficient resources to veterans and the resulting harm done through veterans' centers that are undersupported and treatment of disabled veterans that in many cases is grossly unfair and punitive.

The Senate deplores the president's lack of support for homeless veterans at a time when homelessness among veterans is rising;

The Senate deplores the mismanagement, crimes and corruption that surround the president's policies of occupation in Iraq, in which tens of billions of American dollars and tens of billions of dollars' worth of Iraqi cash have been lost, stolen or otherwise fallen into the hands of criminals and those attacking American troops;

The Senate deplores the corruption and mismanagement under the president's watch that has permitted huge volumes of American weapons to be stolen or lost, weapons that in some cases have fallen into enemy hands because of presidential neglect, thereby creating life-endangering harm to American troops.

Be it therefore resolved that the United States Senate deplores these actions, and calls on the
president to immediately meet with bipartisan congressional leaders to address these crises that threaten our troops and seek solutions that have not been forthcoming from the president
because of long-term mismanagement, failures and corruptions on matters essential to the safety of American troops in combat.

The above draft resolution is a partial statement of presidential failures that are directly harming
our troops, and Senate Republicans should be forced either to join us in deploring the damage the president has done to our troops or, if they filibuster against our efforts to support American troops, to vote on this resolution for as long as it takes, to get the troops the support they need and which the president has failed to provide.

Let the Republicans vote with Democrats or against the troops.