To: Dr. Watson
From: Holmes

Watson, I smell a rat. I want you to devote your investigative resources to uncover the rat. Here is what we know:

1. A well-qualified U.S. attorney in Arkansas was fired under suspicious circumstances.

2. Arkansas is the former residence of one Hillary Rodham Clinton, who has already been subject to unsavory attacks from right-wing conspiracies, vast and otherwise.

3. The well-qualified fired U.S. attorney was replaced by one Timothy Griffin. Mr. Griffin is a former aide to Karl Rove, the King of oppo research and smears. Karl took an aggressive personal interest in his hiring as U.S. attorney.

4. Mr. Griffin is as qualified to be U.S. attorney as I am qualified to be the next Archbishop of Canterbury.

5. What is Mr. Griffin’s expertise? Political oppo research.

6. Ergo, the master of oppo research smear and close aide to the president, pushes to replace a qualified U.S. attorney with an unqualified former aide, who is also expert in the black arts of negative political research, in the state with long ties to a Democratic presidential candidate.

This is elementary, my dear Watson.

I want you to whisper in the proper ears, to discover what is behind this foul-smelling sequence of events.

— Holmes