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Throwing Hillary under the bus

Prediction: In the next few months, before the redbuds and dogwoods spot the Virginia hills, the Northeast Democrats will throw Hillary Clinton and company under the bus. 


If Hillary, then Newt

Seven years of too bountiful a crop will always be followed by locusts or dust storms, and for every Michael Bloomberg there will be a Bill de Blasio. It goes the other way as well.


De Blasio in the Clintons' spotlight

This week if you were visiting the United States for the holidays and saw Bill de Blasio dominating the headlines, you might think he was big news. But when there is no news and there is a way to connect a story to Hillary Clinton's next presidential run — it becomes REALLY BIG NEWS.


Harry Reid and John Boehner: Washington persons of the year

Since I am on a roll with Time magazine choosing Pope Francis as Person of the Year, after watching President Obama in his farewell press conference for the year, it occurred to me to suggest my first annual Washington Person of the Year.


A view from the New Frontier

Awash from the recent wave of reminiscences about the life and death of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, surrounding the 50th anniversary of his death, this perspective emerges to one who was part of the New Frontier.


End the 60-vote fake filibuster

This is not the way the Senate operated until just very recently. Since the filibuster rule was established in 1917, it was used only 35 times in the first 50 years.