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Obama’s SOTU: Battling for the underdog

President Obama’s best bet is to ignore the Republicans' circular firing squad and focus on Americans who are hurting. This is about taking concrete steps that help expand the middle class, provide more well-paying jobs and ensure opportunity for those who have been shut out.


IRS attack on Tea Party urged

New York Sen. Charles Schumer (D) doubled down on his previous calls for President Obama to use the IRS to target Tea Party groups while speaking before the extreme-left, tax-exempt Center for American Progress yesterday.


Political stars falling

The news that Democratic star Wendy Davis, candidate for Texas governor, has altered some facts in her personal narrative is clearly disappointing to members of the party so enthused about the attractive, gutsy state senator.


Throwing Hillary under the bus

Prediction: In the next few months, before the redbuds and dogwoods spot the Virginia hills, the Northeast Democrats will throw Hillary Clinton and company under the bus. 


If Hillary, then Newt

Seven years of too bountiful a crop will always be followed by locusts or dust storms, and for every Michael Bloomberg there will be a Bill de Blasio. It goes the other way as well.


De Blasio in the Clintons' spotlight

This week if you were visiting the United States for the holidays and saw Bill de Blasio dominating the headlines, you might think he was big news. But when there is no news and there is a way to connect a story to Hillary Clinton's next presidential run — it becomes REALLY BIG NEWS.