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Partisan Gunslinger

An extraordinary new poll in the Las Vegas Review-Journal shows that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D) has lower approval ratings in his home state than President Bush. Reid gets the approval of only 32 percent of Nevada voters and has a 51 percent disapproval rating. President Bush gets a 34 percent approval rating.

Theories abound as to why Sen. Reid is so profoundly unpopular.

Tiger Woods

The GOP can learn a few lessons from Tiger Woods.

Tiger is good because he intimidates his opponents even when he is off his game. But he is great because he is willing to make fundamental changes to his swing, even when he is playing pretty well — a long and arduous process.

The Republican Party is by no stretch playing well right now, but they are still intimidating their opponents, and the Democrats are making a lot of mistakes because of that intimidation factor.

Senate Republicans Run for Cover

The most disingenuous of votes were those cast by the four endangered Republicans in favor of the Democratic proposal to limit the time our soldiers have to spend in Iraq.

The bill, which would have limited their service to the same length of time they have been based in the U.S., was defeated, falling four votes short of cloture.

Of the six Republicans who broke ranks, four are facing tough reelection fights. Their opportunistic votes are designed to clip the wings of their Democratic challengers in the 2008 elections. Had Sens. Susan Collins (R-Maine), Norm Coleman (R-Minn.), John Sununu (R-N.H.) and Gordon Smith (R-Ore.) not faced daunting reelection challenges, who knows how they would have voted?

The Party of Torture, The Tasering, and the New Republican Apartheid

It was another day in the life of what is left of the Republican Party.

Sen. John Warner (R-Va.) guaranteed his legacy after 29 years in the Senate as the champion and enabler of an Iraq war he long ago knew was wrong but never summoned the courage to oppose. After sabotaging Sen. Jim Webb's (D-Va.) fight on behalf of American troops, he might as well be called Senator George W. Warner.

Impeaching Bush

A.B. Stoddard takes viewer questions for Sept. 17. In this video, A.B. explains why the Democrats won't impeach President Bush and she defines what a political strategist really is.


Woeful Democratic Leadership

Obviously, Democrats have tried to pass legislation to bring our troops home and effectively end the war. However, because of the president’s power of the pen, the party in power has been rendered essentially powerless. So although they like to blame the GOP for stopping their efforts, Democrats should only blame themselves for failing to work in a bipartisan manner. Had they proposed sensible legislation on the war, Republican lawmakers would have been more than happy to join hands with their colleagues across the aisle.

If you don’t believe me, just check the numbers.

Craig is Going, Going and, You Say, a Goner

A big majority of you — 73% against 27% — think Sen. Larry Craig's last ditch efforts to save his political career will fail. Those percentages represent the No/Yes breakdown in our last Quick Poll! We asked whether you thought Craig would still be a U.S. senator after Sept. 30. Shortly after he announced that he would step down on that date, he began to have second thoughts and started saying it was merely his intention to do so, not an absolute promise. He then launched an effort to reverse his guilty plea to a misdemeanor charge after being caught in a police sex sting at Minneapolis airport. Now he has a hearing. Who knows where that will go? Either way, you're confident he won't be a federal lawmaker by the end of the month.

The Republicans Should Just 'MoveOn'

Why is it that the Democrats should be on the defensive for the MoveOn “Betray Us” ad?

Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) has actually introduced a Senate Resolution condemning MoveOn and trying to press a Senate vote. Boy, that’s a smart use of the greatest deliberative body’s time!

Could it be a political hatchet job against the Democrats?