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GOP Double-Standard for Larry Craig

What a week!

I go away on vacation and what happens? Alberto Gonzales resigns. Michael Vick pleads guilty. Leona Helmsley leaves $12 million to her dog. Tony Snow resigns. And Larry Craig gets caught doing the gay two-step in an airport men’s room.

Political Roadkill

Harry Truman once said that if you need a friend in Washington, D.C., get a dog. Larry Craig must be off to the Humane Society’s shelter in Boise as we speak.

End of Recess

It's "Show and Tell" time as everyone returns from vacation to House Middle School and Senate Senior High.

"Let's see what you did this summer," said Ms. Pelosi, the House schoolmarm, "and children, you have to settle down!" 

Another Giant Steps Down

I know, I know — bloggers are supposed to be perpetually angry. Accordingly, we usually devote ourselves to describing for our faithful readers the “Outrage of the Week” and how our government is screwing up again

The Larry Craig Scandal

In this video, Armstrong Williams discusses how the media loves to pounce on a scandal, especially the one involving Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho).


Straight and Narrow-minded

Back in the old days, didn’t “Red state” used to mean a communist country? Well, times have changed. Now the term has moved from left to right. Now it means conservative ... gay-fearing conservative.

So in scarlet-red Idaho, you won’t get very far in GOP politics, just about the state’s only politics, if you’re gay. By the way, didn’t “gay” used to mean happy? It sure as hell doesn’t now. You won’t be at all happy in the Republican circles if you’re anything but a straight arrow, so to speak. And don’t give me Log Cabin Republicans. They’re not very happy. They’re gay.

Surprisingly Decisive Action

I knew Sen. Larry Craig would likely be in denial. But I certainly didn’t give Republicans enough credit — I thought they would be in denial too. I knew they would be shocked, and probably furious, but I expected them to be paralyzed by an incredibly awkward situation. Their reaction was so swift and severe I believe I am as shocked by it as the senior senator from Idaho himself.

As nervous Republicans burned up the phone lines and dodged reporters Tuesday their leaders in the Senate threw old Larry under the bus. No waiting, no negotiating; they knew they had to shake this one. Even before he took to the cameras and microphones, Republicans asked for an ethics investigation and asserted that they would also examine Craig’s situation themselves to see if “additional action” was necessary. They did so less than 24 hours later by asking him to leave his committee posts, which is effectively the beginning of his resignation from the Senate.

Misreading Goldwater

When Brent Budowsky managed to weave the arrest of Idaho Senator Larry Craig into yet another diatribe about war in Iraq in his post yesterday, I just rolled my eyes and laughed to myself. Leave it to Budowsky to link bathroom sex and Iraq. He keeps good company with June Thomas, an editor at who complained law enforcement should concern itself with finding Osama bin Laden, not men looking to kill time in the men’s room.

Thomas writes, “I’m saying we should focus on finding Osama bin Laden in Waziristan. I think there are laws policemen take way too much pleasure in enforcing, and this one is right on top. How many people challenge (much less win) charges like this?”

Craig’s Lust?

Isn’t it a shame that e-Harmony doesn’t accept gays? Then we might witness a TV ad showing Larry Craig and Mark Foley gushing about how they have been computer-matched because they have so much in common. What they mainly have in common is Republican politics.

And hypocrisy. To many, GOP has come to mean Gay Oppression Party. And now we have another conservative stalwart awkwardly feeding the insatiable media appetite for mindless titillation. Don’t you just love that word, “titillation”? Will George Carlin add that one to his list?

The Moral Phonies of the Republican Right

We approach a historic test of whether the religious leaders of the conservative movement have the moral bearing to act like Christians and condemn the party that repeatedly breaks faith with faith, or whether they are nothing more than Republican partisans who invoke God to maintain their place of power at the table of the party of moral corruption.

Now we learn that another Republican has copped a plea for disgraceful acts, in this case perverted behavior while sitting on the toilet in a men’s room. If he believes he did nothing wrong, prosecutors should allow him to withdraw his guilty plea and let his case go to trial.