In his new book, Killer Politics, Ed Schultz tells it like it is, describing how big money and bad politics are destroying our politics and putting the American Dream under the constant attack of special interests. If every Democratic candidate would speak as forcefully as Schultz writes in his book, Democrats would win another landslide!

The book is pure, vintage Schultz, and it's all there. How a truly reformed healthcare system would serve all Americans. How economic justice in the populist tradition would get our economy growing again and make our economy fair to workers, as well as prosperous to Wall Street. How special-interest money corrupts our system, day in and day out, 24/7.

Every Democratic candidate should read this book. Democrats, liberals and populists who care about the future of America should hear what Schultz has to say and read what Schultz has to write.

I have long argued that the road for America should be a populist road in the tradition of Theodore Roosevelt and his Bull Moose party. While these views are under siege from special interests throughout America, they are also the majority view, in most cases, of the American people.

Schultz makes the case perfectly in his book. The road for Democrats to fight for working people of all races, for jobs that would put workers of all races back to work, for healthcare that would serve all Americans and for a democracy cleansed of dirty money and dirty politics.

Killer Politics is an important book that tells truths that need to be told and promotes reforms that are long overdue.

Schultz offers a far better case than any Tea Party advocate for standing up and fighting for working-class Americans, Main Street America and the future of America that is under attack by forces of greed and the money they spend to corrupt our system.

I hope someday Ed Schultz runs for office, and in the meantime, while the Sharron Angles of the world are attacking the jobless, it's good to know, and good for America, that Ed Schultz and others are like him are fighting for the dream and fighting against the corruptions that would destroy the dream in the name of the greed that Schultz fights back against.