Jerry Brown, California's attorney general who is running for governor, was on Cavuto last night going after the corrupt officials who are making up to $800,000 in city jobs.

He is right is declaring Meg Whitman the super-rich candidate, but she is not alone in this. He is wrong in calling for a federal bailout, saying some of the money “going to AIG” should go to California.

Arnold Schwarzenegger made the same point last year and Obama’s people rejected it quickly. They might have been watching Glenn Beck, who was making the important point that it would be the healthy internal states that would be bailing out the broke and debt-ridden Golden State with its $800,000 small-city managers. But Jerry Brown should be listened to. He brings to California an opportunity.

Jerry Brown is an entirely different political species. He is and always has been an individual rare and true who speaks more than anyone alive to the essence of California. He has the mind and heart of a radical and is fearless.

I constantly rail about “leftovers from the '60s,” but it is a reference to people like Barbara BoxerBarbara Levy BoxerThe ‘bang for the buck’ theory fueling Trump’s infrastructure plan Kamala Harris endorses Gavin Newsom for California governor Dems face hard choice for State of the Union response MORE and Nancy Pelosi. I am from the '60s myself and see it as a moment of enlightenment and awakening in California but possibly nowhere else. It was a moment betrayed by the most banal of minds, like Boxer, who saw political advantage and simply took old European Marxist-based ideas that had arrived in New York from Europe on to California. I happen to have been in that state and visited the famed Haight/Ashbury district in the Summer of Love on way to Tan Son Nhut when it was the busiest airport in the world. I saw California when it was sparkling with light.

If as Mike Mansfield said the rising century will be the Pacific Century, it should be obvious that it will be California’s century as well. It could be Jerry Brown’s century. Meg Whitman is a boss. She is the one you hire after you admit failure and enter bankruptcy. California may have earned that status. But Brown can be a leader. He could be the one to lead California to its great fate.

The state sovereignty movement began here in Vermont as liberal opposition to the invasion of Iraq. It may have caught on in the red states, but it was tailor-made for California. It was tailor-made for Jerry Brown. Brown should recognize that taking money from the federal government is, as was said in the day, taking money from the CIA. And as Secretary of State Clinton again leads war ships up the coast of the South China Sea which are certain on one day to engage in proxy war with China, he could stop this from happening as governor of California. They cannot go there without California and he could deny California’s participation.

Five years ago I wrote for local and national journals a stretch of articles claiming states need not participate in foreign adventures like Iraq without the permission of their governors. This was nothing more than symbolic action back then. Since then it has become the stuff of politics and think tanks and busy grad students everywhere . States are the only sure defense against federal dominance and malfeasance. To end it requires only a singular governor with a fierce heart in a state still waiting to be born — like California.