He’s back! Tuesday night. But the big question of the day remains: Should MSNBC have suspended Keith Olbermann in the first place?

And the big answer of the day is: Hell, no!

Look, I do think the best policy is for paid performers on radio and television not to make any political contributions. That, in fact, was the rule at CNN when I worked there, as co-host of “Crossfire.” And, believe me, as many other TV and radio hosts will admit, that’s not necessarily a burdensome policy. Let me tell you, it saved me a lot of money! Because it gave me a good excuse not to write a check.

But still, in keeping with that policy, Olbermann should have been given the chance to say: I’m sorry. I made a mistake. I didn’t know about the policy. Or I forgot. And simply be admonished for it. Without suffering the unnecessary and public humiliation of being suspended indefinitely and without pay.

What makes Olbermann’s punishment so especially unfair is the gross double standard in cable television. He gets suspended for writing three checks, while — as documented by Media Matters and Think Progress — some 30 individual Fox News anchors and commentators write countless checks, hold fundraisers, even raise money for candidates — while supporting those candidates on the air. Dick Morris, probably the most amoral man in American politics today, even has his own PAC!

Of course, the same rule against political contributions should apply equally to every host or anchor on television and radio.

Until that happens … BRING BACK KEITH OLBERMANN!

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