Now Mike Huckabee advances his presidential candidacy with a ridiculous attack on Natalie Portman. Funny how Huckabee rose to the defense of Bristol Palin but attacked Natalie Portman under similar circumstances. Make no mistake: I would never criticize Bristol Palin, and Huckabee should stop pandering by attacking Portman.

Fox should remove Huckabee and Palin unless they unequivocally state they will not run for president. A credible news network should not be a welfare program for partisan candidates or a source of unregulated campaign donations for them by paying them for airtime. And Fox should replace Glenn Beck, who crosses lines that credible news organizations should not cross, even in "opinion" hours, let alone family hours.

Here is a constructive idea. Fox could give a show to very credible conservative columnist Kathleen Parker where she can do her thing for an hour, without being verbally harassed by Eliot Spitzer, which thank goodness has ended. Fox could give a primetime show to Judge Andrew Napolitano on its main network, and find a true libertarian host in the style of Ron Paul.

Fox should end the welfare programs and de facto campaign donations to Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee, and end the hate entertainment of Glenn Beck, and find serious conservatives and libertarians to host its shows.