I just saw a segment on CNN that defamed its own brand by airing the edited anti-NPR video that Glenn Beck and others have now successfully debunked, without any mention by the CNN anchor or correspondent that the segment CNN aired gave a dramatically false misrepresentation.

This embodies everything that is wrong in our media, and everything that has gone wrong with low-rated CNN. For CNN to air a false and dishonest excerpt of an edited video shortly before a vote in the House on NPR funding is a disgrace to the news organization so brilliantly founded by Ted Turner.

The CNN anchor, reporter and producers were all too lazy, sloppy and shabby to report the facts and the truth about the anti-NPR video that are now widely known.

It is sad to witness the destruction of the CNN brand, which once stood for straight news, solid reporting and fairly reported facts.

This segment was an outrage. Shame on CNN for repeating a misrepresentation and slander that violates everything the network should stand for.