First, of course, the comments Ed Schultz recently made about Laura Ingraham were tasteless and offensive to women. There is no doubt about it. A strong and humble apology by Ed was required, and given, and accepted by Ingraham. Good.

What I want to emphasize here is that Schultz is one of the most committed fighters anywhere in the media for working women and working men. Day after day, month after month, year after year, Ed has championed jobs for Americans, better healthcare for Americans and equal justice for Americans.

As Ed champions jobs, healthcare and justice, he stands up for the rights and interests of men AND women. As he battles for workers, unions and fairness, Ed does so for all of the people who want a fair chance at a better life, and equal rights under all laws, at a time when this voice is urgently needed in our politics and media.

My column in The Hill newspaper tomorrow will be an angry dissent against a culture of callousness in Washington at a time when joblessness plagues the land, and there is no major jobs proposal being pushed by the president or Congress, with the exception of House Democrats.

No one ever has to tell Ed Schultz to champion a jobs program. He does so every day, with a loud voice and clear conscience, and from more jobs to equal pay, he champions the economic interests of women alongside those of men.

In my column tomorrow I write a scathing denunciation of those who neglect the jobless 99ers. Not Ed Schultz, who towers like the tallest tree, and speaks with a booming voice, for the 99ers and all jobless, women as well as men.

Everybody makes mistakes, and as my former boss and mentor Lloyd Bentsen once said, he doesn't make many mistakes, but when he does it's a doozy.

Ed made a doozy of a mistake, apologized and now moves forward. But make no mistake: Ed speaks with a loud call to conscience for many who are voiceless but have no voice, many who are jobless and have no job, many who are ill and have no healthcare and many who were shamefully foreclosed upon and have no place to live.

When he does, Ed Schultz champions the cause of men and women, throughout the nation, who need every voice of conscience they can find.