I am still laughing at this. Certain personalities on television looked like they were going to cry on air when Palin looked good after the emails were released! Wow, she sucker-punched the suckers! Who did they think would be deciding which emails were disclosed and which were redacted?

My guess is there were redacted emails that were not pretty, but of course they would be redacted. So heavy breathing before the release humiliated pundits after the release, because if they were honestly reporting, they would have to say Sarah Palin looked great by what was released.

One of the great myths about television coverage of politics is that those who appear the most on TV actually know much about politics. They know the spin, and they know what insiders tell each other, but there is a reason they are wrong so often.

Give the devil her due. Sarah really sucker-punched the mainstream media this time, and they fell for it hook, line and sinker. So she looks great, they look clueless, and while she can use the emails to promote herself, they can't wait for this "opportunity" to go away.