The mainstream media basically gets to choose our president based on the degree to which they choose to scrutinize each candidate. Those they champion (Obama) are barely vetted at all, whereas those they disdain are dissected to the nth degree. Hopefully the American people will awaken to this phenomenon and not allow themselves to be so easily manipulated. Ideally, the elite media will regain a sense of responsibility and integrity as they carry out a most important function in a society blessed with the freedom of the press.

Why is it that the mainstream media is unable to understand the ultimate result of the socialist agenda they, along with our president, are driving? Do they not realize that if they are successful, freedom of the press will ultimately be eliminated, as well as their jobs and way of life? Unfortunately, ideologues are usually incapable of objective reasoning, and this in fact may be the answer to the question.

The reason political punditry has been so inaccurate during this political cycle is because the mood of the country has been altered in a way that hasn't been seen during our lifetime. The American people are frightened. Not so much that they will not receive their retirement fund, but rather that they will lose the American way of life for future generations. For that reason they are willing to accept character defects in someone they feel may have the possibility of reestablishing the American dream. Multiple polls continue to show that the vast majority strongly feels this nation is moving in the wrong direction. There is also a feeling that this election may be our last opportunity to change directions. All political pundits should be aware of this mood.